Balance & coordination program

Adaption to balance

Designed for patients whose goal is to improve sitting and trunk control either as the main target or as a prerequisite for intensive balance or gait training programs.

Early balance and coordination

Designed for patients whose main goal is to improve standing stability and reduce the risk of falls. ​

Adaptability and fall prevention

Designed for patients who are already able to walk (with or without support) but are at high risk of falls or have difficulties on uneven surfaces.

Initial assessments

  • Trunk control

  • Static and dynamic balance

  • Gait and gait adaptability

Program goals based on initial assessments

  • Coordination ​
  • Core and lower limb strength training​
  • Dual tasking
  • ​Dynamic balance​
  • Gait adaptability
  • Gait symmetry ​
  • Obstacle training in a secured environment​
  • Static balance
  • ​Sitting stability and trunk control​
  • Step initiation​
  • Symmetrical weight distribution​
  • Transition to outdoor walking
  • ​Weight shifting​