Approach to improve treatment outcomes

We specialize in neurologically impaired patients who need intensive rehabilitation or weekly therapies to continue their recoveries.

Intensive rehabiliatation

Maximize your therapy success  with up to 80 times more movement than conventional treatment

Improve your performance through intensive, technologically advanced, multidisciplinary rehabilitation protocols with up to 4,000 movements per day, 5 days per week, 2-8 weeks.  With intensive rehabilitation, improvements are possible, even in the chronic phase.

We work as a team with your Doctor in Physical Medicine and other medical and therapy professionals to create the optimal therapy protocol and to work with your insurance to ask for reimbursement.  We then continuously measure your progress and adapt the treatment protocol to achieve your therapy goals.

Weekly therapies

Join the Nextherapy community  to improve your physical and mental health, meet like-minded friends and have fun in the process

Typical weekly therapies are 2x physio therapy and 1 hour of ergo therapy. This is typically paid by basic insurance. It is important to your recovery that your therapies are not interrupted as a result of processing insurance claims and therefore we target long-term insurance coverage to ensure continuum of care.
At Nextherapy, we believe to achieve tangible and continuous recoveries for complex neurologically-impaired patients there are 6 key factors that positively impact recoveries.
  1. We have respect for the patient’s values, preferences and expressed needs and goals and we involve the family, friends and caretakers of the patient and we make sure they are in the center of our decision-making process.

  2. We involve a multi-disciplinary neuro-specialized team, including but not limited to the patient’s Doctor in Physical Medicine, to develop a treatment protocol to achieve the recovery goals of the patients.  All of our therapists have licenses from the Canton of Zurich and have expertise in neuro-rehabilitation.

  3. Our therapists are equipped with cutting-edge neuro-technologies and robotics to enhance neuroplasticity and improve the patients’ recoveries.

  4. We do all of this based on frequent assessments and data and change the treatment protocols based on the data.

  5. The number one indicator of success in rehabilitation is motivation.  Therefore, we make the therapies fun and motivating and continuously show the improvements relative to their baseline and the therapy goals of the patients.

  6. We do all this in a location that is central because we believe patients need and deserve to be brought back into the heart of society.  

Our process

Our highly skilled medical team designs patient-specific treatment protocols that adapt to the progress of each patient, using innovative technologies and data-driven rehabilitation tools to achieve measurable recoveries, regardless of the cause or severity of the deficit.


December 12

Goal setting

Our therapists comprehensively review and evaluate your medical history and develop a tailored treatment protocol for you. In doing so, we combine your goals with our therapeutic knowledge.

December 12

Assessments to evaluate progress against goals

We base all of our decisions on data. We measure your baseline using an established assessment matrix, sensor-based robotics, and 3D cameras, and this is how we later demonstrate real progress.

We regularly measure and evaluate your progress, monitor your development, and adjust your treatment plan.

December 12

Personalized treatment protocols

We deliver personalized, high-intensity therapies by a multi-disciplinary team of neuro therapists, including physio, ergo, speech therapists and a neuro-psychologist.  Our team is equipped with cutting edge technologies and robotics to enhance treatment results. 

December 12


Together, we do everything we can to achieve your goals.

What people say about us

There are professionals at work here who support me on my way with their many years of experience. I feel comfortable at Nextherapy because it is my needs that count and people meet as equals.

Nextherapy radiates a feel-good atmosphere that makes me feel more “human” than “patient”.

Melanie In Albon, cerebral palsy

Modern technologies can greatly improve the rehabilitation of people with neurological impairments: Robots can increase the therapy dose, wearable devices enable more mobile training and computer games increase patient engagement. This accelerates and improves the success of therapy and the therapy is enjoyable.

Robert Riener (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med. h.c. Robert Riener)
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