Cognitive training program

Improved cognitive function
with evidence-based and individualized therapies.





Activities of daily living

Our neuropsychologist and our occupational therapists will work with you, using computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation and other cognitive methods connected with your needs, your profession or the activities of your daily life.

By solving tasks, your brain processes will be activated and important brain functions will be improved or restored.

Initial assessments

Neuropsychological assessment of:

  • Attention (selective attention, divided attention, attention on the duration, alertness)
  • Memory (verbal and visual span, visual and verbal memory functions)
  • Executive functions (cognitive flexibility, ability to plan, visual and verbal production of ideas, impulse control, working memory)
  • Field of vision
  • Visuo construction
  • Ability to treat numbers

  • Gnosia
  • Praxia
  • Fatigue and mood questionnaire
  • If necessary driving ability assessement

Program goals based on initial assessments

  • Memory training
  • Attention training
  • Hemianopsia or neglect training
  • Executive functions training
  • Relaxation training (body scan, progressive relaxation musculation), mindfulness and basic methods from behavioral psychology to improve emotional processing. For a more complete psychological treatment we will refer you to a psychotherapist