We help children and adults with disabilities achieve measurable and continuous improvements

Switzerland’s most advanced outpatient neuro-rehabilitation center

At Nextherapy we believe patients can get betterat all stages of their disease progression

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Maximize your recoveries with goal-oriented, data-driven personalized therapy protocols, delivered by a multi- disciplinary team of neuro-specialists equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable neuro-plasticity – the brain’s innate ability to heal itself through repetition. We do this in an ambiance that is positive and filled with light and music in the heart of Zurich.

We treat
Physical disabilities as a result of brain and
spinal cord issues, including but not limited to:

Acquired brain injury

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Cerebral palsy

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Multiple sclerosis

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Parkinson’s disease

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Spinal cord injuries

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Nathaniel’s story

Nathaniel said his first word “hi” at the age of 4 even though doctors had said he would never speak after intensive therapies using cutting-edge technologies.

Our founder's story

At Nextherapy, we help you regain function and your quality of life in a measurable, data-driven manner

If you want to regain your quality of life as quickly as possible, your choice of therapy is crucial. After all, not all therapeutic approaches are equally effective. There is a simple explanation for this. It’s about neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that our brain can reconnect and restore lost functions, such as movement and sensation. Most therapies tackle this aspect. But they only stimulate neuroplasticity up to a certain level – because they aren’t intensive enough. As a result, patients make slow progress and lose motivation. Therapy fails. The good news is that with the right therapeutic approach, you can speed up your development and thus the improvement of your quality of life. To achieve this, you need to train specifically and with high repetitions. At Nextherapy, you can. 

What people say about us

Life is fun again and I feel supported by Nextherapy. The environment is professional and it is fun to achieve the goals with the therapists.

I am more independent again in everyday life. I can move freely and am less dependent on help. Before, I could practically only move with assistance.

I am less tired and need less rest and can do more with my family again. I am also more confident driving again.

Before the therapy at Nextherapy, I could no longer go shopping independently and alone in a shopping centre and today I can go shopping independently without a wheelchair, with the new foot lift orthosis. The strength and movement is there.

Sascha Galimberti, Multiple sclerosis

2 years after the accident, we were able to see our child (8 years old) walking again for the first time in the Lokomat. A magical moment for all of us. We are very grateful that our daughter can go to the Lokomat regularly. She is accompanied competently, patiently and lovingly by great physiotherapists. We notice that the “running training” does our daughter good, her body becomes looser and softer. Never give up – we feel this strongly at Nextherapy. We experience them as open, holistic and competent. Thank you.

Ayana Hofer, spinal cord injury

As a former researcher and then technology developer in the field of neurorehabilitation, I know how important intensive functional training is for the patient. Only if they train on a regular basis, with high intensity and in a holistic fashion, can they get the maximum of functional recover back after a neurologic injury. Nextherapy provides the environment, the technology and also the skilled therapists to achieve exactly this.

Dr. Gery Colombo, Founder of Hocoma, rehab technology expert
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Best possible results through a "team" approach

Our team approach helps you achieve the best possible outcomes.

We continuously collect data and measure your progress against your goals

We continuously collect data and measure your progress.

This is how we make sure you're achieving your goals and setting new ones.

Intensive rehabilitation or weekly therapies

With us, you can balance family, career, and therapy.

Depending on your needs and goals, you can get therapies once a week or several hours a day.

Active participation through our patient-centered approach

We listen to you and involve you throughout the decision-making process of treatment protocols.

Enhanced recoveries through cutting-edge neurotechnologies

You get the most intense and effective therapies through our innovative robotic technologies (up to 80 times more movement than conventional physical therapy). As a result, you maximize your therapy success and achieve your desired goals faster.

Motivation through an inspiring environment and inclusion

Located in the heart of society, and rooms flooded with light, music, and inspiring people, we provide an enjoyable atmosphere for you to achieve your goals.

Maximize your recovery with up to 80 times more movement than conventional therapy

Improve your performance through intensive, technologically advanced, multidisciplinary rehabilitation protocols with up to 4,000 movements per day.

Move step-by-step toward a more independent lifestyle with our evidence-based and personalized protocols

Our team designs individualized and specific treatment protocols that adapt to your progress.  We design and deliver the patient therapy protocol based on 1. a multidisciplinary team approach, involving your appropriate medical team (doctors in physical medicine, neurologists, general practitioners), physical therapists, ergo therapists and neuro psychologists, 2. specific therapy goals set by the patient and the team, and 3. continuous data-driven assessments measured against the recovery goals.

Inclusive and wellbeing experience for
patients and caretakers


Central location in the heart of Zurich


A bright environment with stimulating music


Positive energy

20+ Robotics enabling a great permutation of treatment protocol options for each patient

Mobility program

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Hand, arms and activities of daily living program

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Balance and coordination program

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Cognitive training program

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Pediatrics program

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Our location reflects our strong belief that patients deserve to be included in the heart of society

  • Uraniastrasse 9, Zurich 8001
  • 5 min walk from HB

  • 20m from Bahnhofstrasse shops and restaurants

  • Easily accessible by public transport and car parking nearby

“Modern technologies can greatly improve the rehabilitation of people with neurological impairments: Robots can increase the therapy dose, wearable devices enable more mobile training and computer games increase patient engagement. This accelerates and improves the success of therapy and the therapy is enjoyable.”

Robert Riener, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med. h.c.