Founder's story

In 2009, while working in NYC, my world turned upside down when my four-month-old son suffered severe brain damage. I decided to step away from work and focus on pursuit of meaningful solutions to promote his recovery because I couldn’t find any existing solutions to suit his needs. For the next 8 years, I studied, researched, and consulted with experts around the world and worked towards advancing the rehabilitation of neurological conditions.
Nilofar Niazi, Founder, at Nextherapy Zurich

We believe patients can get better at all stages of their disease progression

​In 2017, I founded the neuro-rehabilitation centers TRAINM in Belgium and in 2021 Nextherapy in Switzerland because in Switzerland our therapies are fully reimbursed by basic health and accident insurance. We adopt an innovative approach to therapy by using data to offer personalized therapies and technologies to harness the brain’s innate ability to heal itself through neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain’s networks to grow, change and reorganise; for example, by increasing the volume, the connections, and the sprouting of new neurons, and by rewiring new regions of the brain to take over the functions of damaged regions.

Switzerland’s most advanced
outpatient neuro-rehabilitation center

Nextherapy is unique in its focus on out-patient rehabilitation for neurological patients. Typically, after a patient is discharged from an inpatient facility, the care ceases. At best they might go to their local PT practice where the focus is typically on the physical aspect of their injuries, such as therapy for sports and post-operations. However, neurological conditions are much more complex and require not only extensive education by therapists, but a multi-disciplinary approach to healing. For example, aftercare might involve physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and neuro-psychologists. These treatments should be underpinned by data and technologies, and be guided by a personalised and goal-focused approach to recovery”.

We do whatever we can to make the treatment experience as positive, easy, and motivating as possible

In addition to employing progressive technologies, our approach places great importance on patient experience: we do whatever we can to make the treatment experience as positive, easy, and motivating as possible.