Hands, Arms and Activities of Daily Living Program

Adaptation to an Intensive Program

Designed for patients who require specific care of the arm and hand to join an intensive program.

Basic Function

Designed for patients who don’t yet have functionality on the upper limb and want to initiate movement.

Constraint-Induced Therapy Program

Designed for patients whose goal is to maximize the functional capacity of their upper limb. Available for pediatrics and adults. Based on the evidence-based program developed by Dr Taub.

Hand and ALD-Oriented Program

Designed for patients with some extent of mobility on the arm that want to focus on improving the hand function to increase their independence

Initial Assessments

  • Arm motor function
  • Coordination
  • Hand motor function
  • Muscle activity
  • Pain
  • Sensation
  • Spasticity
  • Strength and range of motion

Program Goals based on initial assessment

  • Adaptation to the environment
  • Muscle activation
  • Pre-motor functions (planning of the movements)
  • Proprioception
  • Scapular and shoulder stability
  • Range of motion
  • Hand and finger strength and function
  • Quality of hand, fingers and arm movements
  • Increase vascularization
  • Integration and transfer of the upper extremity during daily activities
  • Reduce deconditioning
  • Muscle tone or spasticity
  • Reduce neglect